About AKA Academy

AKA Academy is located in two "campuses", both of which are fully functional commercial recording studios. See the individual studio websites for a list of gear and software for student use.

See Kiln Studios

Studio 1

Unit 32, 2 Bishop Street, St Peters,
Sydney 2044
0295 652 889

Studio 1 is Kiln Studio’s state-of-the-art recording/mixing room. Fitted with a unique assortment of high-end equipment, Studio 1 is aimed at delivering world-class vocal production, mixing and recording close to the heart of Sydney.

The 35 square meter control room’s exceptional acoustic design (with 4 meter ceilings) houses Sydney’s first-ever pair of ADAM Audio’s Flagship S5H monitors rated at Max SPL per pair at 1m of ≥ 131dB with additional twin Sub’s. These behemoth speakers mark the final point in a pristine monitoring chain, proudly lead by Apogee MKII Symphony conversion and mastering grade Grace Audio Designs monitoring control.

Adjoining the control is a large 12 square meter isolation booth suitable for both vocal production and instrument recording. The isolation booth contains all digital and analog connections to the control room to provide various recording options.

Studio 1’s carefully-selected equipment and outboard is matched by an ever-expanding list of plug-ins including 12 cores of UAD and a whole host of Native solutions provided by Waves, Antares, SoundToys, FabFilter and others via the studios high spec’d Mac Mini.

If you'd prefer to use your own recording system, the entire studio (including our UAD system & AVID S3 control surface) can be accessed by a single USB-C Thunderbolt 3 cable - just plug-and-play!

Studio 2

Unit 32, 2 Bishop Street, St Peters,
Sydney 2044
0295 652 889

Studio 2 was acoustically designed from the ground up to provide an affordable solution for both production and recording needs in Sydney. Designed within the concept of functionality and a 'working living space', Studio 2 has been equipped for electronic music production, audio mixing, writing, overdubs and voice overs.

A comfortable space, the 20 square meter control room contains a pair ADAM Audio A77X's and a UA Apollo for 8 channels of pristine conversion and a Neve 8801 channel strip.

Studio 2 contains the latest iMac Pro that runs up-to date versions of Pro Tools, Ableton, FL Studio and a whole host of sample library’s from, Spectrasonics and Arturia and plugins, including UAD, Waves, FabFilter  and others which lends the room to an affordable mixing room.

Studio 2’s Isolation booth provides an excellent area to record vocals, voice or instrument overdubs with multiple connections between both Isolation booth and Studio 2 including SDI and HDMI lines.

See A-Sharp Studios

First opened in October 1978, A Sharp Recording Studios is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney. Totally refurbished in 2014.


A Sharp is being recognised by many musicians and freelance audio engineers including Steve JamesMatt Stewart and Daniel Natoli as a studio of preference.


A Sharp today represents acoustics you can trust, the highest level of industry standard equipment and efficiency.


We believe A Sharp is one of the most sophisticated recording studios in Sydney and one of the largest with a new control room, mixing / editing room and 4 isolated areas in which to record.